Welcome to Streaming Shark, the hottest new technology that brings streaming content to your doorstep with ease. Streaming Shark provides access to thousands of movies, music, live TV, Sports, and more.


What is Streaming Shark?

Streaming Shark is your all-in-one solution for streaming content. Cut your cable bill, expand your home entertainment center, and bring a whole new technology experience to your doorstep all in a small neat package.

We have taken one of the fastest Android based boxes available on the market, installed all the best add-ons, and configured the setup to utilize the hardware to its fullest potential. Our beautiful user interface will have you browsing streaming content for hours.


  • Ultimate Streaming Experience

    Stream content from around the world. Streaming Shark provides access to live TV, movies, music, concerts, your favorite TV shows, and sporting events.

  • Cut The Cable

    No monthly bills! Reduce or eliminate your cable bill with our Android TV box. Even if you still like paying for cable Streaming Shark is a great supplement to your existing package.

  • High Definition 4K Output

    Watch movies and TV shows in high definition. Our Streaming Shark comes equipped with a High Definition HDMI output to work with all modern LED and LCD TV’s.

  • Movies

    You can watch thousands of movies from around the globe on the Streaming Shark. No more need for renting or buying DVD’s. Save thousands yearly on movie entertainment.

  • Live TV

    Watch Live TV streaming sources from around the world through your Internet connection.

  • Music

    Stream all your favorite music to your home entertainment center. Including live concerts, albums, new releases, and more!

  • International TV

    Watch International TV, Sports, and Movies on the Streaming Shark.

Included with your Streaming Shark

  • Streaming Shark Android TV
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Enhanced Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard / Trackpad
  • Standard Remote

Benefits Section

How does Streaming Shark Work?

Streaming Shark uses an Android based platform that utilizes an application called Kodi. Kodi, formerly known as XBMC is a interface that provides the mechanism for streaming content through various streaming sources. We custom programmed your Streaming Shark to allow for an amazing digital experience using our custom built skin and streaming sources.

How hard is it to use?

We have preconfigured our box with a custom build of streaming sources. Our interface makes it easy to access and play movies, tv programs, live tv, sports, and even music directly through your TV.

How do I install Streaming Shark?

Installation is user friendly. Plug in your device to an available HDMI port on your TV, plug in the TV box, set up your wifi or ethernet and away you go! You will now have access to our Android menu which allows you to run our custom built Kodi streaming media services.

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