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Thank you for visiting Streaming Shark. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the best streaming content interface that's available today.

Streaming Shark - A revolution in home entertainment!

Streaming Shark is a dynamic company working to provide a seamless streaming content experience in your home. Our Streaming Shark Android TV does just that. Catch up on your missed shows, movies, TV, sports, and more with the Streaming Shark device. Download apps from the App store and use your Streaming Shark as a mini computer for your TV.

We as techies are always looking for the next greatest enhancement to our lives. We have noticed a large movement in the streaming content industry and took interest in how we can provide a seamless streaming content system that installed with ease, worked well, and looked nice. After months of sorting through dozens of different builds, hardware designs, and platforms we are happy to announce our first Streaming Shark Android TV Box to the public.

We designed our Android TV with the consumer in mind. An easy interface, high definition, fast hardware, and flexibility were our requirements.  Not only did we want a robust platform we wanted it to look nice while using it.

At Streaming Shark we will be here to guide and help you if you should ever need. We will also continue development of our interface and hardware designs as we grow so stay tuned.

Our Team

Our staff consists of computer programmers, hardware technicians, and engineers. Working together we have been able to customize the ultimate Android TV experience.

  • Danielle Cieslak

    CEO / Founder Streaming Shark

  • Jay Marek

    V.P. / Founder Streaming Shark

  • Nelson Leung

    Software Customization

Our Mission

To provide a high quality, dynamic and immersive entertainment experience built with user simplicity and interaction in mind.

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