Android TV – Why You’ll Never Need Cable Again

For decades you may have been locked in to a cable contract that cost sometimes hundreds of dollars in order to get mostly programming that you aren’t interested in. The reason they have such packages is to make sure that you are paying as much money as possible for an entire group of channels even if you are using only a fraction of them.

While it is a troublesome and unfortunate trend in the cable TV industry, it is finally one that need not impact you anymore. Simply getting involved with the latest technology can go a long way in helping you to get rid of cable and never need it again. Android TV is one of the new alternatives that will help you to prevent yourself from getting ripped off and you’ll get the best shows.

Android TV Add-Ons and Cable

The evolution of streaming services has started many years ago, but it matured only recently. Early providers, such as Hulu and Netflix, have been slowly providing better content and showing other industry leaders what to do and not to do when it comes to streaming. Customers have been very vocal about their desires, which has led to new streaming companies listening and making big changes.

When it comes to Android TV, there are a great deal of advantages including customization, flexibility, and others. Most of the people who are on a cable service of some kind cannot have the same flexibility with their viewing desires. They get locked in to everything, which usually only includes the average television and ignores many of the more exclusive and premier opportunities.

The Android TV benefits are not just with flexibility. If you are trying to find the right kind of television for you, such as a particular genre or country, then you can much easier do that through a streaming service than any of the cable options that you’ve got.

Cost Benefits with Android TV

Some people note that streaming services can add up over time especially if multiple services are combined. While this is true, in the long run it is a lot cheaper to get Android TV. Just consider the cable bills that people pay for channels they don’t even watch and consider the long-term contracts that lock you in to a certain payment plan.

It is far better for you to look into Android TV as an alternative, which is cost effective and removes the costly cable bills most people pay without thinking twice.

Drawbacks of Android TV

Of course, if there are positives, there must be drawbacks, right? It is rare, but some people complain that there is a lack of Starz and other big networks. Some people complain about this without putting it together that the Android TV options can include add-ons and bonuses where typical cable cannot.

This is a fallacy that leads to a few people overlooking Android TV when it is actually the more flexible and higher quality option than you might expect.

Conclusion – Android TV Or Not?

Whether you should get Android TV or not will depend on your own personal desires and tastes. Most people in the modern era like the flexibility of Android TV and the cost savings on their monthly bill. More importantly, it is good to be free from any long term contracts that can not only cost a lot of money, but also leads to a lot of stress.

When it comes to getting Android TV, just keep in mind that there are plenty of add-ons that you can include as well. These will help you to get a more customized experience than the current cable set up and you’ll have only the channels you need and desire as opposed to every low quality piece of content on the planet!

Finally, if you are tired of missing out on the television shows that your friends are talking about, you need to get upgraded. Many of the best shows are on streaming networks that don’t even come out on cable. It’s time to cut the cord from cable, reduce your bill and get a better entertainment center!