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First Feature Highlight

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Money Saving Features!

  • Cut the Cable

    Reduce your monthly cable bill. Subscribe to a basic cable package and add a Streaming Shark to every TV in your home. Why pay Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu premiums.

  • More Content

    Expand your content mediums. Watch TV from around the world. Don’t limit yourself to basic programming.

  • and More Content..

    Thousands of sources for Movies, Music, Live TV, TV Series, Cartoons, and Sports! The possibilities are endless.

Robust Hardware!

  • High Quality Video

    Depending on the source you choose the Streaming Shark is capable of up to 4k for high quality video.

  • 2Gb RAM and 16Gb ROM!

    16Gb of storage built into the Streaming Shark with a TF memory card slot and USB for expansion.

  • Amlogic Components

Another Feature Highlight

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