Can Android TV Effectively Replace Satellite TV?

If you like to watch television, you may have started to realize the cable and satellite TV industries are lacking in quality and they are starting to become less worthwhile. Some people are locked into expensive long term contracts with television stations they never watch or would have ever chosen. Because the satellite TV stations are spending so much time trying to get big packages, they have to make sure that you buy everything or nothing.

That extreme expense makes it difficult to keep everything in order and what’s worse, the television stations with cable aren’t even that great to begin with.

Getting Started with Android TV

The best thing to do if you are curious about getting started with Android TV is to see what your goals and desires are. If you are someone who likes to flip through the channels and watch “whatever is on” then cable could still be an option. Most people have so many things they need to do for family and work responsibilities, that they are interested in certain shows on certain networks.

This is typically considered determining your goals and it is an important step for figuring out what you want. If you are looking for particular shows and networks, you need to have some flexibility in what you are searching for.

Once you have determined your goal television shows and networks, then you can decide what type of system you want. For example, there are shows that are produced or Netflix or Hulu only that can’t be found on cable television even if you wanted to. This is a clear sign that you need to get rid of cable and switch to another provider!

What Makes Android TV Special?

There are a couple of reasons that Android TV is special. The first, and most important for many, is the cost benefit. If you are paying for cable or satellite TV, there are a couple of issues that you will be facing nonstop. For one thing, you’ll be in a situation where you are locked into a contract for extended periods. Essentially, the cable companies try to make all their money on their extended contracts and make you take a lot of channels to increase the cost as well.

The difference with Android TV is that you get to pick and choose what it is you want to see, which significantly reduces the cost. Also, streaming is a much better way to save money than using cable and it is easier to set up as well.

Even though you have to get the Android TV box and a few of the add-ons to make it all work in the pristine way that you might want, it is still a lot cheaper than the cable alternatives.

What Are Add-Ons and How Can I Add Them?

The other benefit of Android TV is that there are add-ons available, which is not possible with cable or satellite TV in most instances. The cable options are usually meant to force you into an all or nothing option whereas the Android TV add-ons give you a lot of flexibility.

Not only are the add-ons related to networks or shows, but also can include different Android TV hardware devices that make the experience more enjoyable. There are plenty of providers who can help you to get the full experience with the fastest boxes and configured setup to utilize this amazing hardware.

The combination of different add-ons makes it possible to stream the best content on the internet without needing to get all of the channels via cable and satellite that you might usually need.

What Do I Need to Start with Android TV?

If you are starting with Android TV, there is nothing particular that you need except for an Android based box. With this piece of hardware you can already start to stream the shows that you want on the various different networks. As you start to progress, you’ll see that there are a wide variety of different options that you might have never thought of.

These add-ons can make your experience better, but they aren’t required for you to enhance your viewing experience. As you start to develop your tastes in television shows you can add things as you go without feeling the need to get locked in to any kind of rate. Most of the time, this is the easiest and most progressive way to get a better viewing experience step by step.