Frequently Asked Questions

If have questions about your Streaming Shark product, you're in the right place!

How does Streaming Shark work? +

Streaming Shark provides the hardware platform to stream thousands of available sources. It comes pre-installed with our Streaming Shark Kodi build. It can be customized to your own liking or used right out of the box. Simply plug it in, connect to an available HDMI port on your TV, set up your network connection, and your are running.

Are there additional fees for using Streaming Shark? +

Streaming shark comes as an out of the box solution for streaming content. The box comes pre-loaded with our newest build. Over time available sources and content will change and be updated. We will also update our build to include the newest sources. The Streaming Shark allows for future remote access by our support team via TeamViewer and we can update your box with future builds for $39.95 if and when you choose to do so. There are no required fees or payments other than future upgrades which is up to your discretion.

Do I still need to pay for Cable? +

Streaming Shark will allow you to access thousands of sources from around the world. Streaming content is always dependent on availability. Most basic cable channels will not be easily accessible however there are channels available from all over the world. Local channel availability will vary.

We recommend a basic Cable package if you wish to retain major channels. You can reduce your bill by removing any movie, sports, or niche channel packages you may be paying for. Many providers offer a basic Cable / Internet package that would work for most customers.

How do I setup the Streaming Shark? +

Please download our user manual here. If you are having any type of issues please email us at

What channels will I receive? +

The Streaming Shark is programmed to play back local and international streaming content. Channels vary based on availability. Movies, Music, and TV shows are available through a wide variety of sources.

How hard is Streaming Shark to use? +

As with any new technology there is always a learning curve. If you have used Android or Apple iOS before you will understand the initial start menus. If you have used XBMC or Kodi in the past it is pretty straightforward. We customized the streaming shark with our own Kodi build. The Streaming Shark is best used in conjunction with the Keyboard / Mouse combo that we provide with each Streaming Shark package.

What are the hardware requirements for using Streaming Shark? +

You are required to have an active Internet connection and a TV that supports an HDMI input. It is recommended to have a broadband connection and a 5-Ghz wireless router if choosing to use a wireless connection for your Streaming Shark. The Streaming Shark has a Gigabit Ethernet port for wired connection which is usually recommended for any type of Internet based device when available.

The 5-Ghz wireless connection on the Streaming Shark works well and the device can also handle slower speeds if necessary. This may however affect playback and buffering with certain content. The idea is to use the best connection to your Streaming Shark that you can obtain. If you receive a weak signal to your Streaming Shark then you may need to add a wireless repeater to your existing setup or run a Cat-5e cable directly from the router to your box.

What are the benefits of a Streaming Shark over other devices like Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast? +

Streaming Shark is built on an unlocked version of Android. This gives the end-user complete control over the boxes functionality and future changes. In other words it's YOUR box, you can change, update, or even use the box for a number of purposes. We build it ready for your TV but you can always tinker with it and add sources and content you enjoy whenever you choose. The box is built around Kodi (XBMC). Kodi is a free open source streaming content management system. You are not bound by recurring fees, or big name manufacturer control. The hardware itself is meant to last years and allows for future software upgrades or to be customized for your personal liking. Other devices employ a method of adding many paid services that require recurring monthly fees to use the streaming features. Streaming Shark removes this and puts the control in your hands.

Can I use the Streaming Shark on more than one TV or location? +

Streaming Shark boxes work on one TV at a time. You will need 1 box per TV you wish to use it on. This is similar to how a regular cable box would work. The Streaming Shark however is very portable and can be moved from TV to TV or location to location depending on need. Many of us take our Streaming Shark with us to our friends and families houses. Usually they want their own once they see how cool it is.

What is the video quality? +

Most of us are looking for the highest quality video we can find. Streaming Shark is capable of streaming 4k when available. Quality always depends on the sources of the content. Newer content may only be available at lower quality playback. Quality usually gets better as content becomes more readily available.

Can I resell Streaming Shark? +

We offer reseller and affiliate sales programs for interested partners. Please contact our partner sales at

Does Streaming Shark come with a warranty? +

We warranty our hardware for 90 days from date of purchase. Our warranty does not cover devices damaged by self customization such as flashing the Android firmware, or installing non-approved.

Is Streaming Shark Legal? +

Yes, Streaming Shark is an Android device that runs Kodi and streams content sources. Streaming content laws and regulation may vary in your area. It is legal to view streaming content in the US and UK.

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