Product Support

Our tech team is here to help!

Support is offered in a few fashions for the Streaming Shark.


Remote Access

We have built in Remote Access to the Streaming Shark device. This is accessed through an Android app add-on called Teamviewer Quick Support. Teamviewer access is only granted with user permission. In other words we never have access to the box unless you contact us and allow us permission to access the box directly from the box itself.

What can Streaming Shark do with remote access?

We can access the file structure of the Streaming Shark, tweak or fix any software issues  you may be having, and also upload new future builds.

Email Support

We offer lifetime free e-mail support. Email us at or visit our contact page to send us a message.

Phone Support

Phone support is offered for Free for the first 90-days. This allows you to get set up properly and ensure you are happy with your new device.

After 90-days we offer a support plan. $29.95 to fix of any issue on your current configuration.

Future Upgrades

The great thing about our box is that the hardware is robust. We are constantly upgrading our builds to reflect new sources, changes to current add-ons, and updates to our skin. It is recommended to update your build once every 6-12 months if a new build is available. This will ensure the box is performing optimally and offering the widest variety of active content available.

Streaming Shark Quick Start Tutorial

Connectivity and Streaming Issues

While we are always working to improve our custom build and the sources provided for streaming we cannot always control how and what streams. Sources may go up and down randomly. This is why we add in many additional sources for content. If one stream or link is  not working try another one. Chances are you will find it working through some of the add-ons we provide.


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