What Is Android TV And Why Should You Get One?

What Is Android TV And Why Should You Get One?

An android TV box is essentially a mini computer that is compatible with the android operating system. The possibilities with an android TV box are certainly endless since it is capable of performing all the tasks that your android smartphone or tablet can perform or perhaps even more for that matter. You can choose to watch usual TV or stream high-definition videos or movies using Netflix, Youtube, Showbox, KODI etc. With an Android TV box, you can now play android games via Play Store, surf the internet looking for information, watch a ton of streaming movie services that can be installed through Kodi, or do things like Miracast to the box to mimic whatever you are doing through your tablet or smartphone. In other words it can take the place of such things like a Google Chromecast.

It is not only the setting up that is convenient with the android TV box, which doesn’t take more than 15 minutes, but the utilization of the gadget is just as convenient as well. It is compatible with many types of wireless and Bluetooth remotes that are available on the market today making it easier and more convenient to use. , For instance, you can use the remotes built in trackpad to navigate throughout all the android and Kodi menus. The remote can be used with everything from using third party applications to surfing the internet for information, streaming high-definition movies to listening to your favorite music.

Most of the android TV boxes that you’d be able to find in the market are not bigger than 5 inches in width and around 2 inches in height which makes it absolutely convenient for you to put it on your TV stand or over the entertainment system. It can even be installed completely out of site on the back of your television. The wireless remotes do not need line of site which allows you to hide the box behind the TV if you choose. It does also improve portability if you wish to carry it with you and attach to a different television set at your friend’s house.

You can think of an android TV box essentially as an additional computer system. Pretty much everything that you can do with a computer system, you can now perform right from your TV. In other words, it is essentially a blend of your computer system and the television set. What’s more is that it cost less than buying a computer with HDMI port or even some other large brand media centers. If you are a hardcore gamer, then it would be a commendable option for you to opt for a PlayStation or Xbox however many of the Android TV’s can support mobile game apps. There are many versions of Android TV boxes and we recommend the Streaming Shark as a complete solution. It comes standard with 16GB of built in storage and a variety of external ports to add such devices as the wireless remote, USB Flash Drives, or even a game controller. Typically the hardware itself will cost you anywhere from $150-200 for just the box. Custom software and skins will increase the price. On average most fully setup boxes will cost between $250-300 for ones that have everything you want pre-installed.

If you are into movies, music, Live TV, international TV, and cartoons choosing the Streaming Shark Android TV is a great option for you since it’ll cost you a mere $250 for a customized box.  Boxes can also be customized for certain types of programming such as a focus on International programming. With such an affordable price and a wide range of features at your disposal, what else could you possibly ask for?